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What's new: October 2018. Russian version of Weissenborn videos #1-3. Spanish versions of Weber Andante & Hungarian Rondo videos #1-2. Spanish versions of Weissenborn videos #28-30.

September 2018, Spanish versions of Weissenborn Study videos #26-27. Bassoon Fingerings for Difficult Passages, 2reed.net Podcasts 1-10, added Farsi video for Reed Finishing 6.

August 2018, New Spanish versions of Weissenborn Study videos #26-27 page with links to French materials, added Farsi video for Reed Finishing 5, New links to MIDI files on the site--no-longer off site, Fixed Problems with pages not loading header with new SSL certificate, deleted (WIDGETBOX) widget script from several of the older files that were causing the pages to reroute, SSL certificate is created for 2reed.net, Mozart's Bassoon Concerto Parts 17-19.

July 2018, Performance editions of the 2nd and 3rd movements of the Mozart Bassoon Concerto; Mozart's Bassoon Concerto Parts 11-16; Weissenborn 50 Advanced Studies, Spanish versions of Etude 25, BDP#133; Chinese version of Mozart Bassoon Concerto Videos#1; Lecture and Performance by Maurice Allard

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This website is developed for double reed musicians, teachers, and performers throughout the world. In this site you will find many aids to helping you grow as a performer, teacher, and person. We hope that this site will greatly encourage you as you continue to learn more about double reed performance and living as a musician. Here we are sharing our talents, knowledge, and life experiences. May God richly bless you as you visit this site.

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