Ministry to Double Reed Musicians

Colossians 3:16 Project. "...teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs..."

Bach, J. S. Cantata 155, Aria, Du mußt glauben (5 min., 2020, BDP #291)

Bliss, Philip (music) and Horatio Spafford (lyrics). "It is Well with My Soul." (5 min., 2020, BDP #292)

Crosby, Fanny. Fanny Crosby Tribute. Arranged by Mark Stephenson for Flute and Bassoon  (7 min., BDP #293)

Ewell, Terry B. Paradise Lost (for Narrator, Oboe, Bassoon, and Percussion). Also, there is a chamber version for flute/oboe and bassoon.
Jerusalem, Ignacious, Duo a N. S. de la Concepcion Asump., Guadalupe de la que es Reyna. (3 min., 2020, BDP #290)

Kavanaugh, Patrick. Luke Twelve for Solo Bassoon and Narrator, English Language (3 min., 2017, BPD #204)

바순 솔로와 나레이터를 위한 누가복음 12장  (작곡자 Patrick Kavanaugh).  바순: Terry B. Ewell (당영위), 테너: 진철민. Korean Language (3 min., 2017, BPD #205) Oforka, Grace. "Chima Obi'm" (God Knows My Heart). Performed by Laurel A. Ewell, flute, and Grace Oforka, voice. Music in Igbo and English languages. (7 min., 2020, BDP #295)

de Sumaya, Manuel. "De la Bella Aurora Maria Divina."  (4 1/2 min., 2020, BDP #294)

Artwork and Graphics by Terry B. Ewell

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