More Comments on Online Music Lessons. This presentation by Terry B. Ewell addresses the common issues with online lessons and provides practical solutions. Translated by Xiao Liang. BDP #278,

更多关于远程音乐授课的建议 本视频由唐英伟制作,探讨远程音乐授课的常见问题及解决方案。梁潇翻译。BDP #278,

[Music: Hummel Bassoon Concerto]

1. Welcome, I am Terry Ewell and this video will provide common problems encountered with online music lessons and some practical solutions. I will assume that you have already viewed my earlier video, “Teaching Skype Music Lessons” and that you know how to adjust the volume on your equipment.

1. 你好,我是唐英伟。在本期视频中,我将和你讨论几个远程音乐授课时出现的常见问题以及解决办法。希望你已经看过前一期 “使用Skype软件进行远程音乐授课”的视频,而且你已经掌握如何设置你的设备和调整音量等等技巧。

2. First let’s hear a comparison between a video recording in the room with the student and a recording of the Skype transmission. This well illustrates some of the challenges with Skype lessons.

2. 首先,我们先来听两段音乐。这是由同一学生演奏的,分别由房间里的麦克风和通过Skype输出的录音。这会解释为什么使用Skype这类软件远程授课时会出现一些问题。

[Musical example]

3. Notice the problem of transmission of lower pitches with Skype. Here is that portion again in the room and with Skype.

3. 注意听从Skype里输出的低音。这还是同一段乐曲,在同一房间通过Skype传出的声音。
[Octave Bb]

4. Low notes will always be problematic for the smaller microphones. Using a larger USB microphone such as this will greatly improve the quality of sound for all notes, especially the lower notes.

4. 对于小型麦克风来说,低音总是难解决的问题。使用这种大型USB的麦克风会很明显地改善所有音的音质,尤其是比较低的低音。

5. Also, in the full example at the end we heard distortions of pitches and timbral changes as the student increased the volume.

5. 并且,在这个乐段的结尾,当学生开始做渐强的时候,我们能听到有些失真变形的音高,而且音色也改变了。

6. Here is a visual comparison of the two wave forms. Let’s listen to that again. 我们可以看一下这两段声波的对比图,再一起听一下。


7. You can see how the wave forms are clipped in the beginning and then suddenly Skype readjusted the volume settings creating a drop in dynamics.

7. 在乐段开始的时候,你可以看到声波被调整过,而且Skype 突然调整了音量设置,进而强弱对比发生了突然的下降。

8. So, what is the solution to this? This can be remedied to some degree by changing the microphone settings. As noted in the last video, the device broadcasting the student should have the automatic adjustments turned off and the microphone volume needs to be adjusted downward. Make sure that the volume doesn’t peak or clip.

8. 那么我们怎样解决这个问题呢?首先,可以调整麦克风设置。在上一个视频中,我们曾经提到,学生应该把Skype软件中的“自动调节功能”关闭,并且麦克风的音量应该调低。确保音量不会达到最高的区域。

9. Another common problem encountered with Skype music lessons are what I will call “hiccups” or interruptions in the sound. Here is an example recorded in 2008 with a student:

9. 另一个在使用Skype进行的音乐授课时经常出现的问题是声音突然出现的中断,就像“打嗝”一样。下面是一个2008年我的一个学生的录音。

[“hiccup” example]

10. Let’s explain what is going on here. Skype and other Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) divide up the audio and video into packets of information on the broadcasting device to Internet. These packets do not all stream to the same cloud locations but may be separated in transit when they are received on the other device. Skype on the receiving device compiles all of these packets according to their order or time codes, but sometimes packets arrive late in that case.

11. 我们来看一下为什么会出现这个问题。Skype软件以及其他“网络音频协议”把音频和视频分割成含有信息的数据包,并从你的终端 上传到网络。这些数据包并不是存储到同一个网络云端的,而是也许被分割并存储在其它的位置。Skype这类接收音频的软件先接收数据包,但有时会晚,所以 就会出现像“打嗝”一样的情况。

11. Skype skips over the missing packets and proceeds to the ones it has. This causes the added noise that might sound like extra tonguing on wind instruments or extra bowings on strings. In more extreme instances this can even alter the tempo.

11. Skype会自动跳过丢失的数据包而处理已有的那些。这会使本不属于音乐的声音被强行加入,从而听起来像木管乐多加了“吐音”或者弦乐多运了弓。更严重的时候,听起来节奏都被改变了。

12. Fortunately, over the last decade I have noticed a marked improvement in transmission quality as bandwidths and speeds have increased for computers and mobile devices. The solution is to provide both teacher and student with the best connections possible. When my wife and I teach at our home we use a direct cable from our router to our computers rather than using WiFi connections. We have a very long cord to go from one room to the next.

12. 幸运的是,自从十几年前,计算机、移动电子设备以及互联网的速度有了很大的提升,软件的输出质量也有了很大的进步。所以最好的解决方式是老师和学生都尽可 能使用最佳的网络连接。当我的夫人和我一起在家里教课时,我们从路由器直接接出有线网络,而不是使用无线网络连接。而且我们会使用质量好的数据线。

13. Now a few last extreme solutions. When the Internet connections are particularly poor, turn off the video altogether. Since video takes much more bandwidth than the sound, this should improve your connections.

13. 另外,还有其他建议。当网络信号很不好时,老师和学生两端都关掉视频,因为视频比音频会占用更多的网络资源,所以只使用音频会提高网络连接质量。

14. Another solution is to use phones for the audio sound and Skype for the video. If you choose this solution, remember to still make use of ear buds or headsets to avoid audio feedback.

14. 还可以用手机运行音频,当需要视频时使用Skype。如果你用这个方案,记住使用耳机来避免音频出现的其他问题。

15. I know that these are difficult times for many of us around the world as we confront the Coronavirus and economic shutdowns. This video was made in March 2020 in the middle of the crisis in the USA. Let me close with words of comfort from the Hebrew Bible, Psalm 23:

15.  我明白在这段艰难的日子里,全世界的人们都在为战胜新冠病毒而努力。本视频在美国录制于2020年3月,我们一起读一下诗篇23:

23 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. 3 He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. 5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever. (NKJV) 23 ( 大 卫 的 诗 。 )

耶 和 华 是 我 的 牧 者 , 我 必 不 致 缺 乏 。 2 他 使 我 躺 卧 在 青 草 地 上 , 领 我 在 可 安 歇 的 水 边 。 3 他 使 我 的 灵 魂 苏 醒 , 为 自 己 的 名 引 导 我 走 义 路 。 4 我 虽 然 行 过 死 荫 的 幽 谷 , 也 不 怕 遭 害 , 因 为 你 与 我 同 在 ; 你 的 杖 , 你 的 竿 , 都 安 慰 我 。 5 在 我 敌 人 面 前 , 你 为 我 摆 设 筵 席 ; 你 用 油 膏 了 我 的 头 , 使 我 的 福 杯 满 溢 。 6 我 一 生 一 世 必 有 恩 惠 慈 爱 随 着 我 ; 我 且 要 住 在 耶 和 华 的 殿 中 , 直 到 永 远

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