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The equipment listed in this section will permit you to adjust and finish purchased reeds.

Scraping Knife Scraping: Hollow ground knives are easier to sharpen.  A pocket knife will often do just as well.  Most important is a knife with a sharp edge.
Sharpening Stone Many different types available.
Short Mandrel I prefer a wood handle so I can heat it.
Arrow Head Plaque Fox Products makes an excellent metal plaque.
Sand Paper Wet and dry 400 grit. 3M brand is good.
Various Files You may wish one for rough work and one for finishing. A rat-tail file is needed for enlarging the tube. You can get these at a hardware store.
Pliers Small, needle-nose with grips on the jaws and wire cutters.
Brass Wire 22 or 21 gauge
Ruler Inches or metric. 6" is long enough.
*Cutting Knife and block OR This knife should be different than the above knife. The edge should not be as sharp since cutting with it would fold back the blade. A straight blade works best.
*Other means Scissors or Jewler’s Nippers (tip cutter).  Scissors are the cheapest and work well.

Forming the Tube with Shaped, Profiled, and Gouged Cane

Drying rack Get at least seven pegs. Mandrel tips may be substituted for the drying rack.
Wrapping String with a glue like Duco cement. Heat shrinkable tubing or toothbrush handles melted in Acetone may also substitute.
Reamer Single blade is the cheapest. The spiral type is best.
*Optional Alcohol lamp with denatured alcohol. Rubberbands.