Orefici Melodic Studies

Orefici's Melodic Study #5. Discussion of clarity and perplexity. Performance of the 5th study by Terry B. Ewell. BDP #330. www.2reed.net.

[Music: Orefici’s Melodic Study #5, performed by Terry B. Ewell]

Well, clarity is the word for Orefici Study #5. You want every note to be clear and distinct. Of course, you should use the flick keys; all of that should be given. The accents here are ones of emphasis but not harshness. This is certainly a spritely type of study. It is a little different than some of the more lyrical studies that we have had before.

It does have a contrasting B section, which should be played very melodically and sweetly.

In addition, before the recapitulation I add a rallentando. This is really necessary to signal to the listener that you are moving back to the material in the beginning.
One last comment before we go on to the performance of Orefici #5. You know, there are many perplexing things about life. There are things that I don’t understand that happen to me. Orefici #5 and indeed even Orefici #6 also have several perplexing things. The explanation I have for Orefici #6, which you will hear in the next video, makes a lot of sense to me. The explanation I have for you for 

Orefici #5 does not really convince me.
He marks this movement Allegretto sostenuto. Well, the opening melody doesn’t have anything sustained in it much at all. They are all staccato notes. Certainly, the middle section has sustained notes, but it is rather perplexing. I think what he means by Allegretto sostenuto is that you sustain the tempo not that notes. So, keep a consistent tempo through this.

But I am a little bit puzzled about that. I am not going to throw out the Orefici studies because I don’t understand it. They are so beautiful and even if something is perplexing, that is OK with me. It is the same thing with my faith. Things I don’t understand come up, but I am not going to throw out all of my faith because I don’t understand everything. There is so much beauty there, so much communion with God, that it is all worth it.

So, enjoy this Orefici Study #5. 

[Performance of Orefici’s Melodic Study #5]

[Music: Orefici’s Melodic Study #5 performed by Terry B. Ewell]
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