Orefici Melodic Studies

Orefici's Melodic Study #9. Discussion of inner strength and difficulties in life and this etude.  By Terry B. Ewell. BDP #335. www.2reed.net.

[Music: Orefici’s Melodic Study #5, performed by Terry B. Ewell]

Welcome, I am Terry Ewell. This video is being made during the height of the COVID-19 crisis in the USA. I am grateful to have access to this hall and frankly I haven’t seen anyone else coming to Towson University. I set up all of the equipment be myself and so I haven’t had interaction with anyone. Thank you, Towson, for allowing me to have access to be able to continue this series at this time.

This is a time when as musicians we need to be strengthened in our lives. We need to be strengthened musically. We need to be strengthened physically. We need to be strengthened spiritually. The Bible presents in Ephesians 3:16 this prayer to God that He would grant according to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with the might of His Spirit in the inner man.

That is really my prayer for you as well: that you would be strengthened. Take those steps disciples of music, as disciples of spiritual things, as disciples of physical things. We need to exercise.

So, I have been conscious of continuing my physical exercises, my Bible readings, my prayers, and my practicing so that I continue to develop in all of these areas of my life that I consider so dear and so important.
Orefici study #9 requires a lot of strength. The dynamic differences between pianissimo and forte are great here. I am also trying to do here some different changes of my vibrato and some subtle changes of tone color. I am hoping that this will come through in the performance. So here you have Orefici study #9.

[Music: Orefici Melodic Study #9]

[Music: Orefici’s Melodic Study #5 performed by Terry B. Ewell]