The Reed Doctor: Crowsectomy
Bassoon Digital Professor #64

Continuation: Arundo Lives

<droning sound, A440> <music: Strauss "Death and Transfiguration," later portion.> 

FEMALE NURSE: It's working doctor, metronome marking 184 and droppoing. 

REED DOCTOR: Well done everyone. The operation is successful! 

MR. DONAX: Thank you doctor. Little Arundo has a wonderful crow. 
Show the doctor, Arundo. 

ARUNDO: <crows> 

REED DOCTOR: Well, well, that's excellent! I see that you have 
made a full recovery. 

MRS. DONAX: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. That doctor is just brilliant. 
I am so glad we brought little Arundo in for surgery. 

MR. DONAX: Yes, dear...

<music: Strauss "Death and Transfiguration," later portion.>