1. Welcome, this is Terry Ewell.

2. There are triplet indications given in the first measure of study #14. Although not printed in the music, they continue throughout the entire study.
In this study avoid accenting beats. Don’t play it like this:

Demo with accents

3. You should instead bring out longer phrases. Play it like a melody!

4. The study doesn’t provide any dynamics beyond the initial poco F, which means literally “little loud.” I have provided additional dynamics that provide further expression. Use them if you like.
4。除了最初的poco F“稍强”,这课练习没有提供任何的强弱符号。我这里给出了更多的强弱表现符号。如果你喜欢的话,可以去用它们。


5. “…who do you say that I am?”—Jesus (NKJV, Mark 8:29)
5. “你们说我是谁?”----耶稣 (和合本, 马可福音8:29)

6. This is arguably the most important question you will have to answer in your life. The answer to this question determines your understanding and acceptance of Jesus’s teaching and life mission.

7. Jesus was the most influential person to have ever lived. In fact our annual calendar was set to commemorate the date of his birth. Just consider how many books were written in honor of him. In fact many languages established their written alphabet and first dictionaries with the help of Jesus’s dedicated followers. His words have been translated into more languages than any other person.

8. Most of the first European and American universities were founded by His adherents. In many parts of the world medicine and charity were largely advanced by those who followed His teachings. He has inspired numerous painters, sculptures, poets, film makers, and yes also musicians.

9. Many composers in the western tradition were also influenced by Jesus. In the next video we will see that Julius Weissenborn also composed in His honor.