1. Welcome, this is Terry Ewell.
Study 19 is like a marathon! It demands concentration to accurately perform all the notes all the way to the end. Furthermore the performer does so with depleted oxygen levels because the breaths are spaced so far apart. It is quite a challenge to perform this study with accuracy while breathing only in the places indicated.


2. In addition to practicing short sections with sprints, beat displacement with rhythms can help mastery of this study. For example here are the two obvious beat divisions with rhythms starting in line 7:



Line 7

Rhythms 1

3. However, for even greater mastery try imposing a pattern of four notes over the triplets:


Rhythms 2



4. … he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. (NKJV, John 10:4)

4. 既放出自己的羊来,就在前头走,羊也跟着他,因为认得他的声音。(和合本, 约翰福音 10:4)
5. This is the second of three reflections on hearing God’s voice. If you have not listened to the first reflection contained in the video on Weissenborn study #18 I encourage you to do so now.


6. Here are some further summaries of the article by Harry Leesment. These comments help to clarify the difference between God’s voice and the destructive voices of adversaries.


4. Forget the past vs. remember the past. God forgives our sins, our mistakes. The adversary loves to replay “videos” of our past wrong doings.


5. Attraction to God vs. rejection. The Spirit of God pulls us toward God.  Evil forces convince people that they are unworthy and rejected by God.


6. Rightly brings the Bible vs. distorts the Bible. The Spirit of God is given to help us understand the Bible. Adversaries, however, want to twist the words and their meanings.


7. Draws you into fellowship vs. isolates. God wants a family, a community of those who believe in Him. The adversaries want loners who are easy to destroy.



Harry Leesment, The Evidence (November/December 1985): 33.