Welcome, this is Terry Ewell. After the difficulties presented in some of the prior studies, it is nice to practice a study that is less challenging.

The downward G3-G2 slurs in line 3 are particularly difficult, however. Three things can help produce this slur. Lift the first finger and place it down forcefully to aid with the slur.

Position the teeth so that they are parallel not offset. Not here, but here. This may require you to move your lower jaw forward. Then play the lower G2 by moving the jaw downward and perhaps slightly forward.

By the way, keeping the teeth parallel helps wide interval leaps on the instrument over all registers.

Last of all quickly, and at the same time alter the vowel in your mouth, formed with your tongue to an “oh” or “ah” on the low G.

In the Maggiore, middle section, I seek a lyrical, warm, and singing tone. For this reason I choose to use the full C# fingering on all of the C#4 notes.

C#4 Full Fingering