1. Welcome, this is Terry Ewell. As we progress through the Weissenborn advanced studies you will see that more and more of these exercises are devoted to perpetuum mobile, that is, a continuous stream of notes. Rapid notes such as these are best practiced with sprints and certainly not with short halting rhythms. For instance, the dotted eight and sixteenth note rhythms are largely an ineffective practice method to use here for attaining faster speeds.

1.欢迎,这是特里尤厄尔。当我们通过Weissenborn的高级研究进展,你会看到,这些演习越来越多的都致力于Perpetuum公司的音符移动,就是一个连续的数据流。快速笔记如这些最好用冲刺练而绝不短停止节奏。例如,点八十六 分音符节奏基本上是用在这里为实现更快的速度无效练习方法。

2. Let’s concentrate on the tricky passage in lines 1-2, measures 5-6 of the study. Sprints starting with the last beat and then adding beats will work well.


Practice Example

3. In line 4 made certain that the rhythms stay accurate. Too often students rush the 16ths as performed this way:



Weissenborn Example

4. Instead perform it accurately this way:


5. The double breaths indicate places where you should exhale and then inhale. This is done at the beginning of the piece. Later this is done before playing the last three lines.



6. When I was a young piano student my teacher often told me that the goal in music was perfection. I believed him and sought to do that for many years.


7. Later, however, I realized the error with that pursuit. Perfection is something that I could never attain. It was a destructive and frustrating goal. This goal was damaging my progress in music and my well-being. I learned little by little that it is not perfection that I should be striving for, but rather excellence. There is a big difference between seeking perfection and seeking excellence.



8. If I tried to make a perfect video, I would have never completed a single video in this series on the Weissenborn studies. You would have no instruction from me at all! When I look from the vantage point of perfection, every video I have made in this series has flaws, faults, and problems. However, when I look from the vantage point of excellence I realize there are many things that are useful and commendable in the videos. I have chosen to set aside my negative criticisms and bring you the best that I am able to do. I can’t bring perfection to you, that is something only God can do. I can, however, bring you hours of labor and the best of my work. That is excellence.

8.如果我试图做一个完美的视频,我就从来没有完成这个系列的Weissenborn的 研究单个视频。你就毫无指令从我了!当我从完美的制高点看,我已经在这个系列制作的每个视频都有缺陷,故障和问题。然而,当我从卓越的制高点看我意识到有 很多事情是在视频有用,值得称道。我选择了留出我的负面批评,并带给你我能做到最好。我不能把完美的你,那是后话只有神才能做到。我可以,但是,带给你的 劳动时间和最好的我的工作。这就是卓越。

9. I encourage you to lay aside the pursuit for perfection and instead seek excellence.  Provide your best and be pleased with the excellence of your work.