Welcome, this is Terry Ewell. Weissenborn marks study #32 tempo di Marcia, which means in the tempo of a march. Thus, this study should not be performed too fast.
The most common rhythmic problem in the study occurs with the eighth note, sixteenth rest, and sixteenth note rhythms. Often this is rushed like this:

1.    大家好!欢迎来到唐英伟巴松课堂。今天我们要学习的第32首《维斯伯恩高级练习曲》的速度标记是tempo di Marcia,意思是进行曲的速度。因此,演奏这首练习曲的时候速度不应该太快。


Example of rushing m. 2




The key to performing this correctly is to hear the sixteenth note subdivisions in your mind while playing it. For instance, I will play what I hear in my mind:


Example with sixteenth note tonguing

I then think of the sixteenth notes when I perform:

1.    吹奏16分音符吐音

1.    然后,在我演奏的时候,我心中想着16分音符:

Example not rushing.

Let’s return to our work with drones. Let me ask you two questions. “Is it better to work with a tuning machine or with drones?” “Which method is the best way to develop good intonation?”


Picture of tuning machines and apps.

While I find a tuning machine of some value, practicing with drones is by far a superior way to improve your intonation. Tuning machines (tuners) train your eyes, but drones train your ears to adjust the intonation correctly. When you perform with others, you must use your ears to adjust your pitch not your eyes.

1.    虽然我明白校音器很有用处,但是练习嗡嗡声是目前为止提高你的音准的更好的方法。校音器锻炼的是你的眼睛,而嗡嗡声练习则训练你的耳朵正确地调整音准。当你和其他人一起演奏的时候,你就必须用耳朵而不是眼睛来调整你的音准了。

I find that students often practice daily on improving their fingering technique so that they can play faster. Rarely, however, do I find students who practice their intonation every day so that they play more in tune. Why don’t you be someone special? Make working with drones a part of your daily routine!

1.    我发现学生们经常每天都练习手指的技巧从而能够演奏得更快。但是,我很少发现学生们每天花时间做音准的训练而让自己吹奏得更准确。你为什么不做那些与众不同的人呢?把嗡嗡声练习纳入你每天的练习计划吧!

I have free drones available for you on my website:

1.    在我的网站上你可以找到免费的嗡嗡声练习资料。

Let’s do some work on measure 1. In Weissenborn studies #28-30 I presented information on tuning with changes in vowels and also I presented the illustration of the three bassoon registers.

1.    现在,让我们看看第一小节。在《维斯伯恩高级练习曲》的第2830首中,我讲述了关于改变元音来调音和巴松上三个音区的说明。

Bassoon Registers

In measure 1 the D major arpeggio takes us through a portion of the first bassoon register and then crosses over to the second bassoon register. Let me explain the changes in vowels in another illustration.

1.    在第一小节里,这个D大调琶音需要我们通过巴松上的第一音区然后跨越到第二音区。让我在另一个例子中说明元音的变化。


Above the music I have made a chart that shows the vowel movement when I perform this music. The “ee” vowel places the tongue more toward the roof of my mouth. The “ah” vowel moves the tongue backwards and downwards.

D3, the first note, is slightly above a neutral vowel position for me. I don’t quite use the fully raised “ee” vowel, but I am tending in that direction. As I move to A2 and then F#2 I move my tongue towards the “ah” vowel. F#2 has more “ah” tongue position than A2.

The motion from D3 to F#3 requires a sudden vowel movement. I must rapidly change from almost “ee” to very close to a full “ah” vowel during the change of the sixteenth note. In addition to vowel adjustments, I also slightly move the position of my jaw, my embouchure.
Here is the example played slowly.

在谱例的上面,我画了一张图来表示这段音乐中 元音的变化。ee”这个元音使我的舌头处于口腔的上膛。ah”这个元音则使得舌头向后方和下方运动。



这里是一个放慢 速度的示例。



How do I determine the exact placement of my tongue? I use my ear to guide me. I am always seeking a full, rich tone with good intonation. In addition, I try to have the timbre or sound quality of the notes match each other.


… and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (NKJV, Philippians 4:7)


必在基督耶稣里 保守你们的心思意念。(当代译本,腓立比书 4:7

In the last reflection I discussed anxiety and how prayers to God can relieve worries. Here is the promise that God will provide relief.

When I pray to God I have faith that He will hear my prayers and provide relief. He often provides a calming presence to my spirit that gives me peace. I don’t understand how this works with my mind, but I experience the reality of His power.
I don’t know the worries and anxieties that you are facing at this moment. I do know, however, that God is willing and able to grant you this peace when you go to Him in prayer.