Welcome, this is Terry Ewell. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of study #36 is keeping the dotted eighth and sixteenth note rhythm. It is very easy to create triplets like this:


Weissenborn 36, Line 1

Instead the sixteenth notes need to be one fourth of each beat.


In the third complete measure of line 1 I like to use the French C# fingering so I will use the alternate fingering for G#3 to avoid shifting my right hand little finger.



Let’s work on shaping articulated phrases. Many students have no difficulty making musical expression with slurred phrases. I will play this without the mordent and here with slurs.


However, when you introduce the tongue (component 4) all of a sudden component 1 (the air) no longer works independently! Here is the phrase slurred first and then tongued. I will use the same air when phrasing both.




1. Music has been a part of my life since a very young age. In kindergarten, teachers discovered some musical talent in me and I started study on the piano sometime in the first grade. Later I started the bassoon in the 4th grade. In the midst of all that musical training I never guessed that I would discover God. I thought that you found God in a church. But that isn't where my life was touched by Him.


2. I attended a music camp (Marrowstone Music Festival) in the Pacific Northwest at the age of 15. It was a three-week camp and I think it was the second summer I attended. A friend of mine had been to a church camp the prior month and his life was dramatically altered through an experience there. When he accepted Jesus into his life he felt a dramatic change. He told me that he now prayed on his paper route for dogs not to bite him and for God's help in all his other duties. He said that God did indeed help him and life was different. Now, he even read the Bible enthusiastically every day.


3. I was familiar with the Bible since I had attended a church for several years with my family. However, I didn't understand much about Jesus's life, how a person could communicate with God, and on the whole I didn't see any relevancy to any of it. However, as we talked more and more it started to make sense.


4. It was a Thursday evening and it was now time to go to our evening orchestra rehearsal. We arrived at the hall only to see a sign posted that the rehearsal was canceled. All the years I attended the camp as a student and later as a teacher (8 years in all) a rehearsal has been canceled only once: that very evening. We went back to our dormitory and talked some more. He lent me his Bible to read that evening. I don't remember the exact moment of the change but sometime that evening I knew that I connected with God; I had found God. I had asked God to change my life and I yielded myself to Him.


5. I distinctly remember the way in which my mind changed. It was as if a fog had been lifted from my brain. Colors seemed brighter, I began to understand spiritual things in a different way, and for the first time I felt peace in my life. This was a tremendous transformation for me: the greatest I have ever experienced in my life.

1.    我清楚地记得我的意识发生了改变,就像一团迷雾从我的头脑中消散。颜色变得更加明亮了,我开始明白属灵的事,并第一次在我的生命中感觉到平安。这对我来说是个巨大的转变:这是我一生中所经历过的最棒的体验。

If you are interested in making this choice in your life please see the following. God bless you: