1.Welcome, this is Terry Ewell.


2.Weissenborn labels study number 6 allegretto grazioso. The study has a quick tempo that is, however, gracious and not too aggressive. One common mistake made by students is accenting the slurred staccato notes. These notes should not start with the tongue or receive an accent. Instead the pairs of notes should each receive a slight diminuendo. The staccato marks indicate that Weissenborn wishes separation between each slurred pair.


Example played with diminuendo (graphics)Diminuendos

3.In the second study we discussed avoiding too much jaw motion. This study as well provides areas where the motion of the jaw should be minimized. The eighth note scales are a perfect place to practice the technique called “playing on the wind.” The breath and embouchure should be the same whether tongued or slurred here.


Example played with slurred and tongued (graphics)


On the Wind

4.Of course the jaw or embouchure needs to move when shaping notes with a diminuendo. For instance, the gracious staccato notes in the first two measures are shaped with slight movements of the embouchure closing.


5.The first two measures in line three deserve special attention. Carefully subdivide in eighth notes the dotted quarter note so that it is held the correct length.



Example played with metronome and graphics with eighth notes over the dotted eighth note.

6.The second measure features an awkward downward slur on the bassoon. I raise the first finger and put it down forcefully for the slur. In addition, I move my jaw down and forward slightly to help with the slur.


Awkward Slur

Examples video of finger motion and jaw motion.



And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day,.. (NKJV,  Genesis 3: 8)

天起了凉风,耶和华神 在园中 行走。(和合本, 创世纪3:8)

The Garden of Eden was a sanctuary where man, woman, and God could spend time together. The garden was tended by Adam and Eve not just for their pleasure, but also to make a welcoming place for God. Seek to make your activities—your garden—a place where God would want to visit.

伊甸园 是男人,女人,和上帝 ·可以花时间 ·在一起的 ·庇护所。伊甸园不只是为了愉悦亚当和夏娃,也是为了迎接上帝而建的。为你的生活寻一个地方----你的伊甸园----一个上帝会想要来拜访的地方。