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Hummel, J. N., Concerto for Bassoon

Please see Terry Ewell's "Bassoon Lessons with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or What I Did on My Summer Vacation, " The Journal of the International Double Reed Society 26 (1998): 99-104. This contains several fingering suggestions for the Hummel Bassoon Concerto.

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk. Bassoon Concerto, first movement. Ewell, Terry B. (20 August 1994). At letter I in the Boosey & Hawkes Edition or at m. 142 in the International Music Company Edition set the whisper key lock. Use flick keys for A3, B3, C4, and D4. Do not put the L. H. thumb on the whisper key in this passage. Take the lock off in the fourth measure. In the pick-up (F#2) to the sixth measure engage the lock again. Continue with the flicking until the end of this passage.

In the octave passage (9-12 measures after R in the Boosey & Hawkes Edition; mm. 305-308 in the International Music Company Edition) set the whisper key lock. Flick L. H. speaker keys for A3, Bb3, C4, and D4 (you may wish to use just the C speaker key for all). For the C#3-C#4 slur in this rapid passage use the following:

C#3 (Cooper p. 72):     C#4:
x x x | o o o           x x x | o x x F
  wlock                   wlock



An alternative solution to the C#3-C#4 slur :

C#3:                    C#4:  
x  x  x  | o o o        x x x | o x x F
  C# wlock                wlock



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