Ministry to Double Reed Musicians

Colossians 3:16 Project. "...teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs..."

Bach, J. S Cantata 113, Aria #5, Jesus nimmt die Sünder an (Jesus takes sinners to himself). (6 min., 2021, BDP #323). Min Jin, Laurel and Terry Ewell.

Bach, J. S. Cantata 155, Aria, Du mußt glauben (You Must Believe) (5 min., 2020, BDP #291)

Bach, Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248-2 #15, Aria Frohe Hirten (Happy Shepherds) (4 min., BDP #297). Min Jin, Laurel and Terry Ewell.

Bliss, Philip (music) and Horatio Spafford (lyrics). "It is Well with My Soul." (5 min., 2020, BDP #292)

Crosby, Fanny. Fanny Crosby Tribute. Arranged by Mark Stephenson for Flute and Bassoon  (7 min., BDP #293)
Ewell, Terry B. The Gift of Grace, WW Trio. (3 1/2 min., 2021, BDP #317)

Ewell, Terry B. Paradise Lost (for Narrator, Oboe, Bassoon, and Percussion). Also, there is a chamber version for flute/oboe and bassoon.
Jerusalem, Ignacious, Duo a N. S. de la Concepcion Asump., Guadalupe de la que es Reyna. (3 min., 2020, BDP #290)

Kavanaugh, Patrick. Luke Twelve for Solo Bassoon and Narrator, English Language (3 min., 2017, BPD #204)

바순 솔로와 나레이터를 위한 누가복음 12장  (작곡자 Patrick Kavanaugh).  바순: Terry B. Ewell (당영위), 테너: 진철민. Korean Language (3 min., 2017, BPD #205) Oforka, Grace. "Abù nke abù" (Tunes for the book of Song of Solomon). Performance by Laurel A. Ewell and Terry B. Ewell. (7. min., 2021, DBP #336)

Oforka, Grace. "Aklunon Kou Noun Bla wou Miton" (Lord Have Mercy). Performance by Terry B. Ewell, bassoon. Music inspired from the Fonbe tribe living in Republique du Benin (West Africa). (4 min., 2021, BDP #318).

Oforka, Grace. "Chima Obi'm" (God Knows My Heart). Performed by Laurel A. Ewell, flute, and Grace Oforka, voice. Music in Igbo and English languages. (7 min., 2020, BDP #295)
Oforka, Grace. "Oluwatunmise" (God has Redeemed Me). Terry B. Ewell, Bassoon. (4 min., 2021, BDP #316)
Pascuzzi, Gregory. "Diaspora Duet." (3 1/2 min, 2020, BDP #296)
Sumaya, Manuel. "De la Bella Aurora Maria Divina."  (4 1/2 min., 2020, BDP #294) Verdi, Giuseppe. Requiem, Quid Sum Miser. (4 min., 2020, BDP #298)

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