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Terry B. EwellOver the last decades with upgrades of idrs.org (the website of the International Double Reed Society) many of the items created by Terry B. Ewell have been lost or deleted. The most significant deletion of items occurred in Autumn 2017. This website provides links to items that have been recovered by the author or are saved by the Wayback Machine on archive.org.

The author hopes that in the future these items and others (over 2,000) will be restored to the idrs.org website and once again treasured by the International Double Reed Society.


Bassoon Family Fingering Companion This link to 2reed.net materials contains the complete and updated version. The version on idrs.org is missing several graphics and updates.

Conference Programs 1971-1992 and 2001 (West Virginia University--to be added). These items are recovered thanks to the WayBack Machine. Many later conference programs, however, are not available on the IDRS website.

International Publications This is a link to the materials on the Wayback Machine.

MIDI This collection of MIDI files is over four times the size of the older and incomplete collection on idrs.org.

Podcasts The IDRS podcasts are no longer on the idrs.org website but mostly restored here.

Reed Project The IDRS Reed Project is no longer on the idrs.org website but restored here.

Who's Who Unfortunately this database has been deleted by the IDRS. The content of the 1595 entries is no longer available.

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