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Yes, it can be confusing! 2reed.net has thousands of files created from decades of Terry Ewell's work. Here are important items and indices to the website:

New Items:

Jan. 2024. Phase 1 of Método was completed on January 5th. It contains over 700 pages of materials. Phase 2 will be completed in the next two years with recordings of duets made.

Oct.-Nov. 2023. Método now contains over 550 pages of materials. All of the 80 lessons are now completed with futher updates possible.

June-Sept. 2023. Numerous updates to Método have been made. 

May 2023. The first drafts for all of the lessons in Método were finished. Russian and Spanish translations of the video on fingering technique.

April 2023. Russian and Spanish translations of the video on counting rests.

March 2023. Beta Testing begins for Método: Music of the Americas for Bassoon (Método: Música de las Américas para fagot). Chinese Beginning Bassoon Lesson 6. 

February 2023. Chinese Beginning Bassoon Lessons 4 and 5. Chinese, Russian, and Spanish videos for Orefici's 17th Melodic Study.

January 2023. English video for Orefici 20th Melodic Study. Chinese, Russian, and Spanish videos for Orefici's 16th Melodic Study.

December 2022. Chinese, Russian, and Spanish videos for Orefici's 14th Melodic Study.

November 2022. 2reed.net is close to reaching its 500 GB hosting limit. As a result, certain duplications on the website of videos in flash (flv), Windows Media (wmv), or .mov will need to be removed to make more space. Video links to YouTube and videos in .mp4 format will still be available. If this presents a problem for assess, please contact Terry B. Ewell about the specific item needed. 

English vidoes for Orefici's 18th and 19th Melodic Studies. Chinese, Russian, and Spanish videos for Orefici's 13th Melodic Study.

October 2022. Korean videos for Weissenborn Advanded Studies #1-6 (bottom of page). Chinese, Russian, and Spanish videos for Orefici's 11th and 12th Melodic Studies

September 2022. Chinese video for Weber Andante and Hungarian, video 3

August 2022. Chinese videos for Orefici's 7th, 8th, and 9th Melodic Studies, Russian and Spanish videos for Orefici's 9th and 10th Melodic Studies. Added length to the A442 drones. Chinese videos for Weber's Andante and Hungarian, videos 1 and 2, and video on triple tonguing.

July 2022. Russian and Spanish videos for Orefici's 8th Melodic Study. Chinese videos for Orefici's 5th and 6th Melodic Studies. Accompaniments for Orbán's Sonata, mov. 1 and 3. Accompaniments for Matthew Hindson's "Love Serenade."

June 2022. Accompaniment for Panufnik's Concerto for Bassoon and Small Orchestra, Chinese videos for Telemann's Sonata in F Dorian (F minor), Russian and Spanish videos for Orefici's 7th Melodic Study, Ewell, "The Gift of Grace" arranged for flute trio and also for flute choir. Updated files for the 1st and 3rd movement and pitch level A4 = 444 files of the Mozart Bassoon Concerto. Drones for pitch level A4 = 444.

May 2022. Korean, Spanish, and Russian translations of the video for Orefici's 5th  and 6th Melodic Studies. 

April 2022. Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian translations of the video for Orefici's 3rd and 4th Melodic Studies. English version of Orefici's Melodic Study #17.

March 2022. Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Russian translations of the video for Orefici's 2nd Melodic StudyChinese translations of the videos 16-19 on the Mozart Bassoon Concerto. New accompaniments for Hindemith's Sonate and Markiewiczowna's Toccata.

February 2022. Videos on Studies #13-15 Orefici's 20 Melodic Studies. Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish Translations of "Who Should Play Bassoon?" (BDP #341). Click tracks for Stevens Three Pieces. New fingering suggestion for Rite of Spring by Arthur Grossman.

January 2022. Accompaniment for Bond Bassoon Concerto #6., Jacobi Op. 10, and Phillips, Harry I., Ed. Eight Bel Canto Songs.  Chinese translations of the videos 8-10 on the Mozart Bassoon Concerto. Videos and accompaniments for the Böddecker . "Play Along!" Satzenhofer Part II, duets 1-6.

Past Updates Since 2018

Life is full of choices, for better or worse. Choices / 选择
La vida está llena de opciones, para bien o para mal. Opciones
Жизнь полна выбора, к лучшему или к худшему. Выбор

This website is developed for double reed musicians, teachers, and performers throughout the world. In this site you will find many aids to helping you grow as a performer, teacher, and person. We hope that this site will greatly encourage you as you continue to learn more about double reed performance and living as a musician. Here we are sharing our talents, knowledge, and life experiences. May God richly bless you as you visit this site.

Terry B. Ewell

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