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  • Baroque Accompaniments on Piano (10 min., 2008, BDP #42)

  • Bach, J. S.

    Videos on J. S. Bach and his music.

    Böddecker, Sonata
    Accompaniments: Böddecker (Boddecker), Phillip Friedrich, Sonata sopra "La Monica" for Bassoon and Basso Continuo, Universal Edition, 1989. Accomp. by Terry B. Ewell.

    See the Cadenzas webpage


    Videos on Handel and his music.

    Mexican Baroque

    Jerusalem, Ignacious, Duo a N. S. de la Concepcion Asump., Guadalupe de la que es Reyna. (3 min., 2020, BDP #290)

    de Sumaya, Manuel, "De la Bella Aurora Maria Divina."  (4 1/2 min., 2020, BDP #294)


    Practice Example for Ornamentation 5 Video (pdf)

    Five Responses to the Practice Example (pdf)

    Solo Bassoon Music to Vivaldi's "La Notte" (pdf)

    Video to Vivaldi's "La Notte" Bassoon Concerto (See videos below)

    Referenced Articles with web links:

    "Proportional Tempos in the Concertos of Antonio Vivaldi," The Double Reed 24/2 (2001): 113-121.

    "Proportional Tempos in the Performance of Vivaldi's Oboe Concertos," The Double Reed 26/2 (2003): 55-59.

    "Playing those “Missing” Notes in Baroque and Classical Concerti," The Double Reed 20/1 (1997): 85-90.

    Also see Baroque Performance and Telemann Sonata in F Dorian


    Telemann Sonata in F Dorian (F minor)

    Treatises and Publications

    Bach, C. P. E. Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen. Original German and French. imslp
    Quantz, Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen [On Playing the Flute]. Original German and a few translations. imslp

    Publications by Terry B. Ewell:


    Vivaldi, Bassoon Concerto "La Notte" [The Night], F VIII, no. 1; RV 501, part 1 (6 min., 2007, BDP #21)

    Solo Bassoon Music to Vivaldi's "La Notte" (pdf) | Music, IMSLP

    Vivaldi, Bassoon Concerto "La Notte" [The Night] part 2 (6 min., 2007, BDP #22)

    Accompaniments: Vivaldi, Bassoon Concerto in Bb, "La Notte" [The Night], RV 501, Op. 45 #8, F VIII  no. 1, Pincherele 401. Editor G. F. Ghedini. New York: International Music Company, 1951. Accomp. by T. Ewell.
    The accompaniments vary widely in tempos. T. Ewell performs the work with tempos (88) except for the last movement Sorge l'aurora. See his article and his performance edition for further details. Tempos from the International Music Edition are also provided.

    Accompaniments for other Vivaldi concertos are available on the Level 6 page.
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