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Blade measurements of the modern Baroque oboe reed #12 is contained in "Reed Measurements Part 2: Bassoon and Contrabassoon Reeds," Scrapes 8/1 (April 2001): 65-77. Authors Terry B. Ewell and Todd Goranson. Republished in the Dutch edition of Scrapes 8/2 (May 2001): 51-63.

Modern Baroque Oboe Reeds

#12 Piel Dhoul, Europe-Baroque oboe reed. B & W gif file | Color jpg file

This reed was on a staple, perhaps a silver one. Overall length was 47mm. The length of the blade was 17.5mm. The projected width at the tip was 9.25 mm. The width at the lowest end of the collar was 7mm. The reed had a string wrap.

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